Our Services

Chiropractic Care

Advanced spinal correction utilizing "state of the art" chiropractic techniques

Physical Therapy

Advanced therapy techniques and exercises that restore the body to optimal performance

Nutritional Counseling

Food and nutritional recommendations to enhance our patient's health

Corrective Exercises

"Blueprint" exercises designed specifically for our patients and their unique problems (editors note: should this be part of PT?)

We provide

We provide a variety of different therapies and treatments to help our patients recover. A few of the most common types of treatments we provide include:

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What our Patients say

Stacy Hawks

I am a tri-athlete and fitness instructor. I have been seeing Dr. B for 5 years off and on depending on the ailment and for maintenance. He always gets to the root of the issue and treats it effectively. He is professional and personable. His office is always clean and his front desk manager Diane wonderfully efficient and always pleasant!

Tom Carmichael

I have seen Dr. Baj over the last few years for a variety issues. He has always been helpful. I really appreciate the fact that he listens. His in-office treatments and recommendations for at-home exercises have reduced my pain and put me on the road to a quick recovery to normal functioning. He's also a great guy.